Recipe for a Catalog Christmas Tree

Have you ever gotten done decorating your tree and thought, huh… that’s not how I pictured it in my head, or wondered why your tree doesn’t quite have that magazine quality? 

This year, rather than adding to the hordes of cookie and pie recipes that you are bound to be bombarded with, we are sharing our recipe for a catalog level Christmas tree. Your neighbors will gawk through the window, your friends will ask you for tips -- even your mother in law won’t find anything critical to say about it! 

Follow these steps to make your Christmas tree stand out from the lot:

1. Go way bigger than you think

This will make such a difference, trust us! Most of us stick to 6 inch bulbs, some tinsel, and a few snowflakes here and there. There’s nothing wrong with that! But to give your tree that “wow” factor, adding in larger decorations will create that impact that yours may be lacking. 

Take the above picture as an example. They’ve added in multiple signs several feet in length, as well as some additional decorations around a foot in size. These additions really fill up the tree, and help set the theme. The ornaments are no longer the star of the show, and your eye has something substantial to rest on.

2. Put in 2-3 times as much as you normally would

This goes along with number one. Whatever amount of decor you normally put on your tree, double or triple that! It seems like a lot when you’re not used to it, but trust us -- just keep adding (while sticking to your theme of course). 

It doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Let your star of the show decorations take the spotlight, and fill in with smaller and simpler ornaments and decor. 

3. Pick a color scheme -- and stick to it!

Pick 2-3 complementary colors, and stick to those. No matter what, just keep repeating those colors, or variations of those colors. It may sound boring, but the end result never fails to look designer worthy. 

4. Add in non-ornamental elements

Though ornaments are beautiful, and important for filler, they should always be accompanied by friends of various sizes and textures. One of our favorite tricks is to add in floral elements -- whether that be whimsical sprigs, sparkly pinecones, or silk poinsettias, they will look extra magical nestled into the branches. Ribbon can also be a festive additive. Let it run in streams down from the top of the tree or wire in some beautiful bows.

5. Don’t leave your favorite tree-topper all alone

You know that angel that you dig out every December, the one that you’ve had since you were in elementary school? Don’t leave her sitting all alone at the top of your tree! Take some of the floral sprigs and ribbon and add them to the top of your tree. This is one of our tips that really makes the most difference. Think of the top of your tree as a centerpiece -- it's right where your guests' eye will go.

6. Continue your efforts to the bottom of the tree

This really makes a difference in creating that finished look. Don’t get stingy with your decorations as you reach the bottom of the tree. We tend to get tired, or feel that the most noticeable part is done after we’ve done the top and center. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap, and continue your decorations right to the bottom branch. Make sure your tree skirt blends well with your color scheme and is wrinkle free. If you want to go crazy, you can even wrap your gifts in coordinating colors.

And after all of your hard work?? Merry Christmas to you, your very own catalog worthy Christmas tree! Now go get yourself some eggnog.