Gift Wrapping that Will Stand Out from the Rest

Ok, you've braved the Black Friday shopping crowds, scoured the internet for Cyber Monday deals, and finally, you've secured the perfect holiday gifts for your friends, clients, and loved ones. But as you sit down with your pile of unwrapped presents, you realize, finding the perfect thing for that special someone was only half the battle.

When you hand over your gift at the Secret Santa work party, or lay them under your in-laws' tree, you want your packages to look just as special as the contents within -- and you wouldn't say no to some "ooh's and ahh's" of appreciation at your other-worldly wrapping abilities either. 

With only seven days left until Christmas, you need some superhero wrapping tips, and quick! Here are six simple yet stunning gift wrapping styles to inspire you, plus a few essential tricks applicable to any theme that will help your gifts stand apart from the rest. 

1. Bold Complimentary Colors

Photo Credit: DIY Network

Choosing complimentary colors creates an eye catching contrast. Shades that seemingly wouldn't go that together, colors opposite each other on the color wheel (remember grade school art class) form a bold yet pleasing color palette. Keeping this in mind while picking your color scheme is a fail safe way to choose wraps and ribbons that will look amazing together.

2. The Chalkboard Look

Photo Credit: Cool Mom Picks

What a simple but fun and unique look! All you need is plain black paper and a white marker, and you'll be ready to unleash your inner doodle artist. 

3. Natural Woodland

Photo Credit: Royal Examiner

You can't go wrong with this classic natural theme. Opt for brown kraft paper and natural twine rather than ribbon. For a bit of color and some added texture, tie on a sprig of fresh pine. So simple, this really is a "less is more" look.

4. Classy Black and White

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Choose an array of black and white patterned or solid papers. Black and white gives a more refined appearance than some of the more rustic themes. Gold or silver accents can elevate the look -- for an added bit of interest, tie some silver or gold jingle bells to your ribbon.

5. Pastels and Preppy Patterns

Photo Credit: Maison de Pax

Keep it preppy with an array of polka dots, stripes, and prancing deer. For the best look, choose two to three pale colors that blend well together. The above photos did a wonderful job of varying the types of ribbon and adornments for added interest. Most notable are the multi-wrapped simple string with greenery and pinecone and the vintage tinsel garland with shiny pink bauble.

6. A Non-traditional Color Scheme

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Playing with non-traditional colors can provide a variety of fun results. The above photo's deep teal green, burnt orange, and nude ribbons layered atop white and gold paper is particularly eye-catching!


Additional Tips:

As your inspiration kicks in and your creative cogs start turning, keep in mind these simple tips that apply to any gift wrap style.

1. Stick with a color scheme

How many times can we say it? In the world of design, the best thing you can do is pick a color scheme, and keep sticking to it!

2. Line your boxes with tissue

Simple details such as lining your boxes with tissue paper really help in means of presentation, giving the whole thing a more finished look.

3. Invest in gift boxes

Purchasing simple gift boxes to wrap your packages in rather than using any old box that you have lying around the house makes a big difference. The gift will look both more polished and professional when the receiver peels back your carefully chosen paper and ribbon.


4. Add a textural element or adornment

Adding something textural helps give a focal point and adds some visual interest. This is your time to be creative! Have some spare mini baubles? Bottle brush trees? Pinecones? -- Or, of course, you can never go wrong with a sprig of pine!


Well go on, get wrapping! You're really going to stun with those gifts.