Biggest Color Trends of 2020

Biggest Color Trends of 2020

We all know that colors have transformative powers when it comes to interior design -- and as you're transforming yourself in the new year with whatever personal resolutions you might have, you may want to resolve to incorporate these crave-able colors into your home in the year ahead.

Classic Blue

Classic blue is just so... um, well, classic! From blue jeans to traditional china, it just always seems to hang around, doesn't it? This year, it's back with a vengeance as Pantone's color of the year. A deliciously bold hue, perfect for a stunning accent wall or as a pop of color to befriend neutral decor, we can easily see why everyone's obsessed with it in 2020. 

Eucalyptus Green

Serene and soothing, what better a shade to keep you calm, cool, and focused on living your best life in 2020? A naturally peace-inducing color, it's the perfect choice for any everyday living space in which you wish to banish stress and clutter.

Soft Blush

Warm and soft, blush is the perfect color to add as a not-so-loud touch of color. We think it's a perfect tone for a cozy bedroom. Or, even play with it as an almost-neutral with an existing complementary color palette. Conveniently (it's almost as though they planned this?!), it goes splendidly with either this year's Eucalyptus Green or Classic Blue.


Whether in combination with each other or on their own, as a bold paint color on your front door or with a simple accent pillow, we hope you get inspired to add a splash of 2020 color to your nest!