10 Best Fall Front Porches on Pinterest

Autumn is in the air... and pumpkins are on our porch! If you are ready to get creative this October, then you will love these ten fall front porches. We've done some of the hard work for you, and picked out what elements give each porch their own unique look.



Photo credit: arrowhillcottage.com

Beautiful! They really nailed that natural and wild look. Here, abundance is key. They used potted fall flowers, such as Asters and Chrsyanthemums, and real pumpkins. Note, however, that it is the volume of pumpkins and flowers here that really makes the statement. They nestled 8-10 potted plants on each side going up the steps. In addition to this, each side of the stairs houses 5-7 pumpkins. Also notice how the colors are balanced on each side -- two orange pumpkins in front, one on each side. Large yellow flowers on each side, red flowers in front, one on each side, tall fall reeds in the back, again, one on each side.



Photo credit: mirandaschroeder.com

Such a simple and classy look. They used mainly the same elements as the above photo, flowers and pumpkins, but created a completely different look. By sticking to a monochromatic color scheme, they completely changed the look from wild and bohemian to put together and sophisticated. Symmetry was not as important as color scheme -- variations of orange and white are repeated up the steps. Even the flowers are all a soft orange, their pots all in a matching galvanized metal. The black in the checked blanket and the black and white patterned pumpkins that are scattered down the stairs do wonders in tying in the black door with all of the white. Keep this in mind when coordinating with your own front door.



Photo credit: housebeautiful.com

Ah, symmetry... beautiful symmetry. This front porch has such a pulled together and clean look, utilizing near perfect symmetry with both object size and color. Each pot, planter, and pumpkin is almost an exact match in visual weight from the left side to the right, brought together by the family of simple welcome mats in the middle of each step. The white pumpkins against the dark brick create a satisfying contrast, and the paper lanterns strung across the eve of the door pull in the red of the brick. The burgundy glass lanterns on the steps not only help complete the color scheme, but are also key in creating such a welcoming ambiance. Even the wreath on the door is a perfect combination of light and dark, hanging in the exact center. The hanging planters on each side of the eve of the door also really help to balance the visual weight of the house and the steps. The eye almost immediately goes to festive steps, but is then drawn upward by the repeat of colors in these hanging baskets.



Photo credit: myhomeishome.com

A very fresh, young, and non-traditional look. Contained to just a few feet in front of the door, this is a perfect idea for those of us that live in an apartment, condo, or home with only a small front landing. The layered welcome mats add some textural interest, while the young and non-traditional look is achieved by using less traditional colors -- bright purple, white, and sage green. Again, symmetry is key here. Great for a space-conscious setting, the decor is stacked much closer together near the door rather than spread out, still managing to create a high amount of impact.



Photo credit: freedsgn.com

Another great option for those of us with smaller outdoor spaces, but with a more traditional look. The corn husks are a perfect rustic element, adding impact with their height, but taking up hardly any floor space. A single pot of fall flowers on each side add a nice pop of color, as does the pocket hanging on the door.


Photo credit: camillestyles.com

A different look, clean and simple with a touch of Halloween. Love the “BOO” twig wreaths! What a great option for those with a lot of glass on their front doors who are unable to hang a traditional front door wreath. They utilized more of their everyday decor, such as their potted topiary and Japanese maple, along with the welcome mat and bench. Just by adding a few seasonal additions -- the grey stone pumpkins and the small cluster of real pumpkins, along with the “boo” sign, the entry is turned from everyday to fall. 


Photo credit: decorhit.com

Fresh and beautiful! This one is largely similar to the first photo, but has such a fresh and updated look, accomplished mainly by using non-traditional colors -- white and green pumpkins with pink and purple flowers.


Photo credit: anntaylor.com

We’ve talked about symmetry… but what about asymmetry? As you can see, their outdoor space was limited, but they created a lot of interest and emphasis by remaining uniquely asymmetrical, keeping everything to the left side. They clearly weren’t stingy when it came to piling pumpkins and potted plants along their railing, and the vibrant colors chosen create a great contrast against the dark grey steps and the black front door.


Photo credit: bhg.com

This one is less about the porch and more about the door. Again, great for smaller outdoor spaces. The corn husks and the fall leaf garland frame the door, while the hanging basket of fall foliage acts as a great focal point. A single pot of flowers to the left keeps the arrangement looking effortless, and the varying textures of the hanging basket and corn husks add some additional interest.


Photo credit: victoriamag.com

A beautiful fall garden vibe. The large shrubs on either side add to the whimsical overgrown look, as do the scattered leaves on the steps. They weren’t too much of a stickler when it comes to symmetry, allowing for that effortless look. However, they still accomplished a more refined appearance by sticking to using pumpkins all in a pastel color palette -- pale green, faded orange, and cream, and hanging two matching wreaths on the french doors.